People Skills synonym

There are number of words that can be argued to be a good synonym  for ‘people skills’. They could be communication, interpersonal, team working, interactive, social or even management skills. It all depends on the context in which it is being used.

For example, for social skills to be the appropriate synonym the context must be social relations such as making small talk, conflict resolution, telling jokes, teaching, learning, discussing ideas, flirting, etc. We would call someone who has excellent social intuition and calibration to have good social skills or intelligence. It has a lot to do with likeability, which includes many different attributes such as politeness, humour, empathy, morality, respect, etc.

However for communication or team working skills, a different set of attributes are applicable. This includes aspects such as simple communication of ideas, active listening, brainstorming, politeness, patience, etc. It is also important in communication by other mediums than face-to-face that messages should be easy to understand, timely, etc. Furthermore in team working situations it is necessary that we listen to everyone’s inputs, respect their opinion, collaborate with people effectively, etc.

On the other hand if the more appropriate term is management skills, then this would reflect qualities such as people management, team building, motivation, dealing with difficult situations, solving problems, communication, etc. It is also necessary for a good manager to understand the needs and desires of others in order to effectively balance those needs and desires with that of the company’s, other workers and yourself.

If the synonym is to be used in a CV, any of these synonyms may be appropriate depending on the job role. If the working environment or job role itself is described as a quite casual and not formal, social skills may be the most appropriate synonym to use. However if the job role is a standard office or similar job, then communication or team working skills may be ideal. Also if the job role involves being a project manager or managing several people rather than team-working as such, then management skills would be more suited here too.

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